Plastic Face Shield

These face shields are made of food-grade clear plastic. The shield provides a clear barrier that protects the entire face, stopping airborne droplets from leaving or touching the wearer’s face. The wearer is also protected from touching their face with potentially contaminated hands, while not obstructing their field of vision. This innovative face shield design is also reusable, producing less waste than disposable shields and easing the strain on long-term care facility supply chains. The entire face shield is washable with soap and surface disinfectant. The polyvinyl chloride headband is durable, flexible, and comfortable to wear. Punched notches in the plastic sheet clip securely onto the headband. This type of face shield can be used in combination with face masks, respirators, goggles, and other personal protective equipment.


– Provides full-face protection
– Protects against liquid and particles landing directly on the wearer’s face
– Flexible headband conforms around the wearer’s head
– Clear, unobstructed field of vision
– Reusable and lightweight
Replacement visors sold separately. Style or colour may differ depending on market availability. The product may differ slightly from the image shown. Images are for display purposes only. Please contact us on should you require any items that are not displayed online.

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