CoViD-19 Professional Hygiene & Cleaning Training Course

This training course focuses on raising cleaning standards and hygiene awareness, which is specifically aimed at facility and company cleaning staff during the time of the CoViD-19 pandemic outbreak. Our CoViD-19 Professional Hygiene & Cleaning Online Training Course includes knowledge of donning and doffing Personal Protective Equipment, effective and safe cleaning methods, as well as heightened hygiene protocols. This course has been specifically designed, under the supervision of an infectious disease expert, to meet the needs of corporate entities and businesses returning to work post-lock-down easement.


This course is offered online and offline; where students attend the learning session at our Education and Training Academy where we adhere to stringent screening and infection control protocols. The online platform is also available which is tailored to enable social distancing and convenience for a large group of students to be able to complete the training offsite. Medi Response also supplies a turn-key workplace re-integration solution. The team is fully available to ensure that you and your staff are braced as well as possible for this global fight ahead. For consulting services, turnkey products and site-based medical solutions contact us on +27 (0)11 713 2000 or email your inquiry to Should you have any training-related queries for this or any other course, please contact us on +27 (0)11 713 2000 or email your inquiry to

See here for more information on CoViD-19

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